BREAKING: Arizona Governer Jan Brewer Vetoes Anti-Gay Bill

Jan Brewer Vetoes Anti-Gay Bill

A bill passed by Republican senators that would have allowed businesses to legally refuse service to LGBT customers on religious grounds has been vetoed by the governor of Arizona.

The bill had been strongly condemned world-wide as homophobic because it legalises discrimination based on sexual orientation. Yesterday in an MSNBC interview, US Secretary of State John Kerry said he hoped Jan Brewer would to “do that right thing” and veto the bill. This sentiment was also echoed by numerous businesses such as Delta Airlines, Apple, American Airlines and Marriott. The NFL also threatened to withdraw the 2015 Super Bowl from Arizona if the bill were signed into law, as it would break their non-discriminatory policy.

Although this will be a relief to Arizona’s LGBT citizens, Missouri has introduced a similar bill to allow businesses to discriminate against gay people on religious grounds.