Gay Rights

Like many minorities throughout history, LGBT people have faced widespread persecution. This has included not having the same rights as heterosexuals, such as the freedom to marry who they love. In more extreme examples, some countries have the death penalty for anyone thought to be LGBT. However, governments across the world have begun to condemn discrimination based on someone’s sexuality. For example, many western countries have passed legislation including laws that allow same-sex marriage and others than prevent discrimination. Nevertheless, there are still places in the world where LGBT are persecuted. Below you can find a world map which colour codes countries by their gay rights.

World Homosexuality Laws

World Homosexuality Laws | Source: Wikipedia

Homosexuality legal

  Same-sex marriage
  Other type of partnership (or unregistered cohabitation)
  Marriages from other jurisdictions recognized
  Limited federal recognition of marriage in states without same-sex marriage
  Same-sex unions not recognized

Homosexuality criminalized/restricted

  Restrictions on freedom of expression
  Unenforced penalty
  Up to life in prison
  Death penalty
Rings indicate local or case-by-case application.

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