Demographics looks at how prevalent homosexuality is in a population. It is difficult to measure for several reasons:

  1. There are only a limited amount of studies and surveys asking about people’s sexuality. Unfortunately, many are out of date or have too small a sample size to represent whole populations.
  2. Governments do not explicitly keep records of people’s sexuality. Therefore, we have to use other ways such as looking at the number of registered same-sex partnerships in a country.
  3. Surveys about homosexuality rely on people to be honest. However, in many countries there is social stigma attached to being LGBT. Therefore, people may not be honest about their sexuality.
  4. Due to social stigma and a lack of sex education, some homosexuals may not actually realise their sexuality.
  5. In some countries, the government actively persecutes homosexuals – some such as Afghanistan even have the death penalty. Therefore, admitting to being homosexual may be against the law and could result in terrible punishments, making it even more difficult to assess.

These reasons mean most figures given are probably underestimates – the true prevalence of homosexuality is likely to be higher.

At the moment, TGF only provides information about the United Kingdom. This can be found by scrolling over the Demographics tab on the menu, and clicking ‘UK‘. We are gathering more information so that demographics of other countries will be available soon.

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