Homosexuality is where a person has a sexual attraction to someone of the same gender e.g. a female being attracted to another female. Science is the process of discovering truth, building evidence and presenting factual information about a topic

Homosexuality + Science = The Gay Facts

thegayfacts is an important resource for anyone wanting to gain a true understanding of homosexuality. We are evidence-based, which means we base our information only on facts. Using scientific publications and statistics we aim to eliminate myths, rumours and stereotypes surrounding homosexuality.

We will also explore questions other LGBT-support websites don’t such as how homosexuality may have evolved and the differences in biology between straight and gay people.

This website has only recently been created and pages are in the process of being written – stay tuned for more updates.

Unfortunately, humans have a habit of fearing what they don’t understand and this can lead to prejudice. This website provides the tools for a deeper understanding of homosexuality, both for gay and straight people, with the hope of ending needless homophobia. Get the gay facts.

Rainbow LGBT Flag represents Gay Pride for Homosexuals with Blue Sky

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