Video showing Violent Attacks on Gay Men in Russia goes Viral

On the 3rd Feb, Human Rights Watch uploaded a video depicting homophobic violence in Russia. In the days following, it’s received almost 2 million views and sparked outrage worldwide.

The video’s release has coincided with the Winter Olympic Games hosted in Sochi, Russia. Human rights campaigners are using it to highlight the increase in homophobic and transphobic attacks occurring in Russia. Putin’s recent introduction of the infamous ‘gay propaganda’ law prohibits both individuals and organisations from discussing homosexuality in public. Putin and other Russian officials repeatedly confuse homosexuality with paedophilia in public statements as an attempt to make their persecuting laws seem honourable. However, there is no evidence that paedophilia occurs in homosexuals any more than it does in heterosexuals.

For more information, please visit the Human Rights Watch website.

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