Introduction – The Gay Facts is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I’ve decided to create this website to make up for what I believe other LGBT support sites lack – science!

I’ve found myself surprised that the science of homosexuality is rarely mentioned because it is fascinating. It is also very grounding. Homosexuality has yet to be fully explained – it’s still a bit of a mystery. This can make being LGBT or having an LGBT family member or friend confusing, and unfortunately sometimes distressing.

However, this doesn’t mean we know nothing about the subject. Infact, we know a fair bit – atleast enough to know that homosexuality is highly unlikely to be a choice, that differences in biology are from birth and that there’s even evidence for it being a useful behaviour that evolution has selected for. The prevalence of homosexuality is high enough that it cannot be explained by saying ‘something has gone wrong’. Instead it suggests an underlying benefit that causes homosexuality to persist in human populations. It’s also nothing new – the history of homosexuality dates back thousands of years and is also found in hundreds of other animals species.

I plan to cover various aspects of homosexuality such as; demographics, biology, evolution, global gay rights and perhaps even religion. This will require researching scientific literature so it’ll be some time before this content is complete – hopefully my recent biology degree has equipped me with the ability to do this! I’d also like to try my hand at creating info-graphics as they’re a great way of presenting information. So bear in mind that everything is a work in progress and it’s a one man project. Any feedback will be gladly received – there’s a handy form at the end of this post.

To put it simply, everyone needs to know the gay facts. I hope that this website will provide a reliable source of information to anyone out there who wants to truly know about homosexuality.

Knowledge is power and together we can rid the world of prejudice.

Stay tuned!

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